Thriving is about much more than simply continuing on a day-to-day basis. It involves grasping opportunities, taking risks and – with some luck – being rewarded for doing so. It involves combining a keen intelligence with a sense of curiosity and the dedication to get things done. It demands both confidence and a level head. It means both seeing the big picture and having a clearly defined target at the same time.

All of these skills and traits also apply to thriving lawyers and law firms. Schoenherr recognizes that the components that allow lawyers to succeed and thrive extend well beyond pure legal knowledge. To this end, we are committed to “lawyering”, which promotes the development of a broad range of skills and qualities among our young lawyers and the next generation of practitioners.

The artwork in roadmap14 is from Suzan Batu, an Istanbul-based artist of growing renown. Dynamic, bright, playful and joyous, Batu’s art fully captures the essence of this year’s theme.